LagreeFIT is a high intensity,, low impact, full body strength and conditioning workout with a strong focus on improving mobility and core strength (like no other!).

Adaptable to all fitness levels and body shapes, get ready for 50-minutes of heart pumping, body shaking, fat burning action, guaranteed to change your body from the inside out, ensuring better, faster, more sustainable results for life.


The Megaformer is a state of the art redesign of the Pilates reformer machine, but offers many more functionalities. It uses springs and cables for maximum contraction, while reducing stress on joints. This allows for improved strength, balance and flexibility promising a stronger, leaner, more toned body – fast!


Your strength, endurance, core, balance and flexibility will be challenged in every single move, producing maximum results in the minimal amount of time – and you’ll have fun while you’re doing it!

Endorphins are also an added benefit for improved happiness and wellbeing.


Along with our fast, effective, sustainable workouts, we pride ourselves on community and providing a fun, friendly atmosphere in a professional environment.

Expect expert instructors trained in a wide range of modalities and small class sizes for more personal attention!

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mum and bub classes.

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It’s not pilates, It’s Lagree

We use the Lagree Fitness Method, a unique and super effective workout evolved from traditional Pilates, incorporating all aspects of fitness into every single move. Your muscles will be worked to the threshold of intensity keeping your heart rate high, and the intensity even higher. The end result?

Long, lean muscles (without the bulk)

Lower body fat composition

Enhanced athletic performance

Improved health and mental wellbeing