About Us

Who We Are


LagreeFIT is Australia’s first Lagree Fitness studio.  Along with our fast, effective, sustainable workouts, we pride ourselves on community and providing a fun, friendly and safe atmosphere in a positive and professional environment.

What to expect from LagreeFIT classes: With an understanding that every BODY is different; our expert instructors are all trained in a wide range of modalities making them skilled at ensuring correct technique, whilst allowing members to feel confident and at ease from their very first class. 

Also, our class sizes are small so you will receive more personal attention.

The Benefits

Long, lean muscles (without the bulk)

Your muscles will be worked to the threshold of intensity in every move, simultaneously promoting fat loss and lean muscle growth.

Injury rehabilitation

The low impact, slow controlled, momentum free movements, are kind on joints, ensuring a safe recovery from injury, whilst promoting a balanced, pain free body for life.

Improves balance / flexibility

By strengthening the smaller stabilizing muscles needed to support and stabilise your body, you will minimise the risk of injury and improve functional movement.

Improve core strength & posture

Each movement works your core muscles in both directions, and in all 3 planes of movement, ensuring optimal core strength and correct body alignment.

Sustainable for life

A healthy alternative to high impact training, you will enhance athletic performance, improve mobility, increase bone mineral density and slow down osteoporosis.

Why The Method Works

The Lagree Method is a method for life.

Founded by Fitness visionary Sebastien Lagree, this evolutionary method evolved from traditional Pilates, has quickly become a fitness favourite for celebrities including Meghan Markle, Sofía Vergara, Jennifer Aniston and Alex Rodriguez.

By combining all aspects of fitness in every move, your body will achieve maximum results in the minimal amount of time. You will train your muscles to a threshold of intensity promoting fat loss and lean muscle growth (without the bulk); your body will regain its natural postural alignment, you will improve flexibility and balance, and your core will be the strongest it’s ever been ensuring a stronger, leaner, more powerful body from the inside out!