Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to LagreeFIt – should I start with a private lesson?

Not unless you want to! Our classes are small; you can be sure our trainers will take good care of you. Each exercise can be modified to suit each individual’s current fitness level, pregnancy, injuries or other limitations. However, should you have any prevailing injuries or concerns, give us a call or email us at info@lagreefit.com.au and we will be glad to take care of you.

What can I expect in my first Megaformer class at LagreeFIT?

Our Megaformers are a state of the art redesign of the traditional Pilates reformer machine – but with many more functionalities! Expect to sweat, elevate your heart rate and work your muscles to fatigue while reducing stress on joints.

Do I need to be fit to attend LagreeFIT classes?

No, all levels of fitness are warmly welcomed. Everybody can benefit from the workout, regardless of fitness experience. Each class is small, allowing the instructor to focus on each individual’s progress to maximise results.

I’m already fit! What will I get out of LagreeFIT?

Prepare to be challenged and amazed! Fitness nuts and elite athletes alike find LagreeFIT classes complement their existing training regime and enhance performance. All whilst increasing core strength, addressing imbalances from overtraining specific muscle groups, improving flexibility and therefore reducing likelihood of injury.

How do I book my first class?

Click on this link and follow the prompts to create an account on our online booking system. As a new client, make sure you purchase our “New Client: 4 classes in 2 weeks” package. When the transaction is completed, four class credits will be added to your account. Follow the prompts for timetable to book into class. If the class is full, clicking “Sign Up Now” will add you to the wait list.

How do I schedule sessions?
We have an easy-to-use and extremely secure ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM which you can login to via our website. The first step is to create a username and password. A variety of class packages are available for purchase online (we accept Visa and Mastercard) which will show up in your account as class credits, allowing you to make bookings. Please note that no classes can be confirmed if you have not prepaid. All classes require booking in advance so reserve your spot early or call us on 0411 542 229 if you need any assistance. Rest assured that your details are safe and we will never, ever pass any of your details to a third party.

Should I do anything special for my first LagreeFIT class?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your first class to give yourself time to get changed, familiarise yourself with the Megaformer and have a quick chat with your instructor about your current level of fitness.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes you can easily move in, bearing in mind you will get hot! We recommend stretchy pants or shorts and a t-shirt or sports top. No shoes are needed for classes.

How long are classes?

All classes are 50 minutes in duration and start on time.

Does LagreeFIT have shower facilities?

Yes, we do. However due to COVID restrictions, facilities are currently closed

What if I need to cancel my session or miss a class?

Please be aware that a 12-hour change/cancellation policy applies to all LagreeFIT group classes. You can cancel your attendance by logging in to your account on our online booking system. Please note that your account will not be re-credited if you reschedule or cancel within the 12-hour notice period and that an additional $20 no show fee applies if you book a class and are subsequently absent (“no show”). For private training, a 24-hour policy applies.

Can I waitlist for a class?

Absolutely and we recommend doing this. Not only will you maximise your chance of getting into a class, it also helps us know where we need to add classes. If a class is full and reads “0 Open”, you can get on the waitlist list by clicking “Sign Up Now!”. If a space frees up, the first person on the list is automatically added to the class and notified by email.

Please note the following important points regarding the use of the waitlist:
If a space frees up MORE than 12 hours prior to the start of the class, the first person on the waitlist is AUTOMATICALLY added to the class and it is assumed that they WILL be attending. If you know more than 12 hours prior to the start of the class that you cannot make it, you must early cancel yourself out of the class otherwise it is assumed you are coming (and thus preventing someone else from attending)

If a space frees up LESS than 12 hours prior to the start of the class, LagreeFIT has to manually add you to the class and will contact you to confirm (usually via the mobile number on your profile). If you have not be contacted by LagreeFIT, you cannot assume that you will be added to the class.

For the waitlist to work effectively for clients, it is essential that you are signed up for email reminders in your profile. Without this, you will have no confirmation of any bookings made or whether the waitlist has added you to your preferred class.

How often should I take LagreeFIT classes?

The workout is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue, which requires rest in between training sessions. We recommend taking classes three times a week to maximize results, as well as allowing your body proper recovery time but, depending on your own personal level of fitness, you may need more or less time to recover — some students come as often as four to five times a week. The key is to listen to your body and find what works best for you.

Is private training available at LagreeFIT?

We offer both one-to-one personal training and buddy (two-to-one) sessions when we do not have group classes scheduled. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and goals and to schedule an appointment.

Can I attend group classes at LagreeFIT if I am injured?

It depends on your injury. Please contact us prior to purchasing or booking classes to discuss your needs so that we can advise whether you can train safely in a group setting.

Can I attend LagreeFIT classes if I am pregnant?

If you have been attending LagreeFIT classes regularly before becoming pregnant, you are welcome to continue coming to classes until the end of your second trimester, providing your doctor has signed off our prenatal consent form. Please contact us either via email (info@lagreefit.com.au) or phone (0411542229) to obtain a copy of the form. For new clients who are pregnant, we do not recommend taking classes at LagreeFIT. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Do you have a child care service?

Unfortunately not. We cannot accept any children into our studios. Please understand that our studios are intimate spaces, and it is unfair on other clients to impose any children on them (irrespective of how well behaved they are).

Can I purchase LagreeFIT gift certificates?

Absolutely! LagreeFIT Gift Certificates are available in a variety of denominations and can be purchased online here.

Is LagreeFIT COVID Safe?

Absolutely. As part of keeping our Lagree community safe, we are now registered as a COVID Safe business. This means our instructors have completed their COVID Safe training and as a business, we have completed the relevant actions to receive the COVID Safe tick.

Have other questions? Simply call us on 0411 542 229 or email: info@lagreefit.com.au.