Meet The Team


Amanda taught Barre in Austin, Texas for two years before moving to Sydney.  Amanda fell in love with Lagree while in Austin and continued taking classes in Sydney eventually pursuing instructor training.  She loves that Lagree is low-impact and it delivers the burn and shakes like no other workout.

Teaching Style:  Amanda delivers a challenging class with a laid back vibe and a great playlist.  She is passionate about correct form and alignment so you get the most out of each exercise while preventing injury.

Favorite Lagree Move: Wheelbarrow – love a core exercise


Fiona has been in the fitness industry since the 90’s as a PE Teacher and Personal Trainer. She has been practicing Lagree since 2014 and started teaching in 2018. She still finds each workout challenging, which is why she loves and stands by the method.

Teaching style: Fiona’s classes are strong and constantly challenging, but also fun and nurturing at the same time.

Fave Lagree move: Skater, Standing Inner Thighs, Pike – just to name a few!

Fun Fact: Fiona is the proud mum of four beautiful children.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Physical Education, Cert 3 in Fitness, Mat Pilates, Pre & Post Natal certified


Alison has a background in dance, beginning as a child in Jazz & Tap and later studying the street styles of Dance at Broadway Dance Center in New York City. She became obsessed with Lagree as a client because of its high intensity, yet low impact workout style

Teaching style: Alison’s passion to see results and help people live their best life in health and confidence will keep you motivated and coming back for more!

Fave Lagree move: Standing Inner Thigh and Reverse Giant Teaser

Fun fact: Alison teaches adult dance classes and has a huge love for R&B music, so watch out for some funky tunes sneaking their way onto her playlist!

Qualifications: Bachelor of Dance (qualifying), Cert 3/4 Personal Trainer, Pilates Matwork Certified


Bree has been practising the Lagree Method since first discovering the method in Los Angeles in 2011. She is passionate about fusing her background in strength training with the incredible benefits to be seen as a result of Lagree. With the philosophy that ‘moving your body is a privilege’ expect every class with Bree to be complete with fun tunes and killer combos to a super-slow tempo.

Teaching style: A stickler for mind-to-muscle connection and perfect form, complete with super fun playlists… You’ll leave class with a big smile and a burning booty!\

Fave Lagree move: “I’m all about the glutes, so a heavy donkey-kick with some isometric holds and pulses thrown in for fun. Then by close second, an oblique super-set!”

Fun fact: Bree works in digital marketing for the health and wellness industry when she’s not teaching in the studio. She also loves to cook and bake (feel free to share your best recipes in class!).

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Management, Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness, Mat Pilates Level 1, Lagree Instructor Certification Level 1, Strength System International Level 1 and 2, Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 and 2, Stretching & Flexibility Coach


Suzie has been in the fitness industry for many years as a Manager and Reformer Instructor with numerous qualifications under her belt! Her personality, experience of anatomy and physiology as well her genuine care for her clients shines through in her classes.

Teaching Style: Suzie’s love for the slow, controlled strength training moves drew her to the Lagree Method and to become a LagreeFIT instructor. Her teaching style involves a lot of time under attention, pulses and guaranteed jelly legs.

Fave Lagree Move: Teaser, Rowers Lunge, Back Lunge

Fun fact: She danced on a BBC Breakfast segment to promote Zumba in the UK

Certifications: Sports Massage, Dip Anatomy and Physiology, Dip Personal Training, Cert Mat Pilates, Cert Refomer, Pre & Post Natal certified


Teaching Style: You can always expect a full body workout in Alex’s classes.  Her positive energy is contagious and you’ll be sure to leave class with a smile on your face and feeling amazing!

Fave Lagree Move: Teaser

Fun Fact: Alex also works as a teacher delivering the Certificate III in Fitness at TAFE NSW

Qualifications: Bachelor in Exercise Science, Cert 3/4 in Fitness, Pre & Post Natal certified


Scarlett is a loyal, long term Lagree client turned instructor. She is a strong advocate for the high intensity, low impact, full body conditioning the method offers.

Scarlett is passionate health and fitness with a particular love for running and skiing. In between teaching classes, she studies law at the University of Sydney.

Teaching Style: All smiles with a side of sweat and shakes!

Favourite move: Scrambled egg – a full body movement that gets you working through your shoulders, triceps, lats, obliques and glutes.


Born in the UK, Matt started out as a personal trainer and coaches across several countries over the years. He loves teaching and educating clients who are new to exercise and his passion is to help people live their best life through fitness.

Teaching style: Matt’s energy is infectious, he will motivate you through your entire workout. You are guaranteed to walk out with shaky legs and a smile on your face.

Fave Lagree move: floor lunge


Zac has been working within the fitness industry for over 10 years. Finding a particular love for group fitness when he was based in LA. Working at Barry’s Bootcamp and Flywheel he quickly became known for his positivity, music and bad jokes. After returning home to WA he began to teach at LA Fit, Perth’s Lagree fitness studio where he taught for a number of years. Having taught guest spots in Melbourne and the Philippines Lagree studios he is excited to now be here at LagreeFit.

Teaching Style: Fun, positive and challenging. Also notorious for bad jokes.

Fave Lagree Move: Rowers Lunge